~ Step 1 ~

Have Your People Call Our People

We sit down together to discuss your expectations and desires, sign a few papers wherein we promise to represent your business in a professional and friendly manner that you can be proud of, including but not limited to our commitment to never sell nor exploit the private information of your valued customers or clients, and you agree to pick up the tab and cover the tip once all the partying is over.

~ Step 2 ~

We Do The Dance Of Data Exchange

Submission of your list of individuals to invite, including email addresses and phone numbers is made at this time. Together we pick a date and select a few venues of preference based upon the best location and professional image for you. Payment to Ellirium Advantage is happily made to solidify the date.  If you are interested in business branding or any social media campaigns, we cover those topics here too.

~Step 3~

Have Fun & Grow Your Business

You live your life and run your business. We do all the party planning and people pursuing for you! When the date of your event arrives, you show up at your party beaming with pride as we brag about how smart and capable you are, promptly thereafter you rave to all of your professional friends about your massive success, and schedule with us to do it again soon!

 Complimentary Consultations!

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